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Bob O'Donnell
TECHnalysis Research was founded by technology market research veteran Bob O'Donnell.

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November 12, 2015

The Best New Notebook May Not Be a Notebook

I am a tech performance geek. I can’t stand waiting for PCs to boot, files to load, screens to redraw, and functions to finish. I’m also a tech industry analyst, which means I get invited to briefings by component companies like Intel, nVidia, AMD, and Qualcomm, as well as device makers like HP, Dell, and Lenovo, where they share their technology roadmaps, new device rollouts, and other future plans.


TECHnalysis Research, LLC provides strategic consulting and market research services to the technology industry and professional financial community. Building on a deep understanding of critical technology and business trends in conjunction with hard-hitting, original research, the firm provides unique "out-of-the-box" perspectives that are still grounded in the practical realities of the technology, media and telecom markets.

November 24, 2015

Consumer Device Usage Trends

The truth is, it’s a bit of a guessing game—even when you ask people their intentions. Nevertheless, as we enter the holiday shopping season, trying to figure out what devices consumers plan to purchase next becomes a bit of a sport. There are historical trends to study, Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads to pore over, and gut instincts to trust, but ultimately, no one ever really knows for sure what consumer technology products will be winners and what will be losers in a given timeframe.

November 21, 2015

Screenless Wearables, Streaming Mobile Apps, Black Friday

This week the Tech.pinions podcast discusses screenless wearables, the concept of mobile app streaming, and the impact of Black Friday on tech device sales.