About the Founder
Bob O'Donnell
TECHnalysis Research was founded by technology market research veteran Bob O'Donnell.

USAToday Column
July 19, 2016

Is semi-autonomous driving really viable?

The recent crash of Tesla Model S under Autopilot control has raised some serious concerns about the safety of autonomous driving features on Teslas, in particular, and all cars in general. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)—the organization that offers the 5-star safety rating systems for new cars—is investigating the details of the unfortunate incident and may come up with more guidelines in this area, which many people believe is severely lacking in any real oversight.


TECHnalysis Research, LLC provides strategic consulting and market research services to the technology industry and professional financial community. Building on a deep understanding of critical technology and business trends in conjunction with hard-hitting, original research, the firm provides unique "out-of-the-box" perspectives that are still grounded in the practical realities of the technology, media and telecom markets.

July 26, 2016

Creating New Worlds

The SIGGRAPH trade show is the holy grail of computer graphics and, increasingly, mobile graphics, virtual reality and augmented reality. It’s here where GPU vendors introduce some of their latest creations, software companies debut new offerings, and where you’ll see some of the coolest looking tech demos you’ve ever come across.

July 23, 2016

Softbank ARM Purchase And Its Impact On The Semiconductor Market

This week's Tech.pinions podcast discusses the surprising announcement of Softbank's intention to purchase ARM and what its potential implications are for the future of the semiconductor market.