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December 3, 2013
TECHnalysis Research Announces Its Debut

TECHnalysis Research Press Release

TECHnalysis Research Announces Its Debut

Firm founded by technology market research veteran Bob O’Donnell

Foster City, CA, December 3, 2013: TECHnalysis Research, LLC is pleased to announce its debut to the technology market research and consulting marketplace. Founded by technology market research veteran Bob O’Donnell—most recently Program Vice President, Clients and Displays at IDC—TECHnalysis Research provides strategic consulting and market research services to the technology industry and professional financial community. Building on a deep understanding of critical technology and business trends, in conjunction with hard-hitting, original research, the firm provides unique "out-of-the-box" perspectives that are still grounded in the practical realities of the technology, media and telecom markets.

TECHnalysis Research covers:

• Client Devices and Supply Chain

• Mobile Transformation of the Enterprise

• Personal Device Usage Trends

TECHnalysis Research offers a particular emphasis on mobility, virtualization/BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and consumer/personal cloud-based services.

Technalysis Research services include strategic advice, message testing/bulletproofing, and custom, project-based research, as well as research deliverables, including:

• Scenario-Based Forecasts

• QuickPulse Surveys

• Industry Commentary and Analysis

In addition, TECHnalysis Research also brings a wealth of speaking experience, providing vendors, financial organizations, media outlets and other organizations with the opportunity for impactful speaking engagements.

For technology vendors, TECHnalysis Research provides a regular schedule of published documents, consultative services, face-to-face meetings, projects and ongoing inquiry support.

For the financial community, TECHnalysis Research offers regular, concise written updates on critical trends and specific business developments, face-to-face meetings and inquiry support.

Coinciding with the launch, founder and chief analyst Bob O’Donnell is starting a weekly blog that will be published every Tuesday at, as well as the website. The first entry, entitled “Aisle Check” is being published today.

For additional information, you can visit the company’s new website at

You can download a copy of this press release in Microsoft Word format here.

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