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TECHnalysis Research Speaking Events
TECHnalysis Research founder and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell is a highly rated speaker, having been selected a top speaker at numerous events around the world. To contact him regarding a speaking opportunity at vendor, financial or other industry events, you can email him at or contact him directly on his mobile phone at 1 (650) 224-2355.

In addition to traditional speaking engagements, O'Donnell is also available to do professional video and podcast engagements on a custom basis.

IoT World 2017 Keynote

Harvard Business Review Webinar: Mobility In the Enterprise, Proactive or Reactive?

Technology Trends Driving the Future of Higher Education for Dell:

The regular musings of TECHnalysis Research founder and chief analyst Bob O'Donnell can be found at the link below.
Leveraging more than 10 years of award-winning, professional radio experience, TECHnalysis Research participates in a video-based podcast called Everything Technology.